MNPHARM team capabilities:

Pilot Study:

Wondering how to lower the cost of your production? Contact MNPHARM and we will work with you to lower your biomaterial and ingredient costs with our proprietary Plant-Based production system. 

Front End Construction:

  • Plant Microbial Genetic Engineering
  • Molecular Cloning
  • Gene Editing / Non-GMO
  • Gene Delivery / Transformation

Back End Finish:

  • Extraction
  • Purification (Chromatography)
  • Product Test (Cell Activity Assays, Western Blot, etc.)
  • Product Prep (Lyophilization)

Research and Development:

  • Pilot Studies / To Evaluate Feasibility
  • Product Development / Commercialization

A quote for products or services from MNPHARM, could be the difference in your ability to successfully commercialize your business. 

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