Molecular Farming

The Future of ACF Human Protein Production

Animal Component Free (ACF)

The world is moving towards production methods for human biomaterials that are Animal Component Free “ACF” to minimize known bacterial safety risks.

MNPHARM’s production method using plants over traditional methods, is the only method available today that is animal component free “ACF” with human-like glycosylation.

Our proteins  have minimal known bacterial safety risks and include needed human-like glycosylation.

After years of research and development, MNPHARM is positioned for growth and commercial opportunity

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MNPHARM Team Capabilities

Front End Construction:

  • Plant Microbial Genetic Engineering
  • Molecular Cloning
  • Gene Editing / Non-GMO
  • Gene Delivery / Transformation

Back End Finish:

  • Extraction
  • Purification (Chromatography)
  • Product Test (Cell Activity Assays, Western Blot, etc.)
  • Product Prep (Lyophilization)

Research and Development

  • Pilot Studies / To Evaluate Feasibility
  • Product Development / Commercialization

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Faster – Cheaper – Safer


  • MNPHARM’s plant-based production method is 30 times faster than traditional methods


  • Easy to scale, and speed drastically reduces cost of production creating a distinct market advantage

Plants are Safer:

  • Traditional methods are animal based and come with the risk of microbial contamination caused by animal bacteria. Using plants to produce human protein eliminates the risk for microbial contamination


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About Us

MNPHARM SBC is a manufacturer of recombinant regenerative human proteins using a proprietary method called molecular farming. We supply these proteins to researchers working on therapeutic development and the B-to-B marketplace.


Our plant-based expression and purification method only takes 12 days offering a faster production and lower cost alternative to traditional production methods, resulting in a distinct market advantage.














Growth and opportunity

MNPHARM now produces Placental Alkaline Phosphatase (PLAP) at approximately 1/10 the cost of production using traditional methods.

MNPHARM has completed the acquisition of Zoltan Labs in July 2022, to obtain 14 patents for the use of PLAP, a human regenerative protein.

Some of the patented claims in the patents that MNPHARM now holds for PLAP, include maintaining healthy tissue mass from chronic muscle wasting disease caused by chemotherapy treatments, enhance viability of transplanted stem cells and progenitor cells, melanoma, eczema, psoriasis and severe acne  vulgaris.

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Our mission is to advance plant-based production of Human Proteins, to lower the cost for commercialization of products related to human health, animal health, and food safety.

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Rapid response

The World Health Organization is concerned with rapid response to epidemics. In an emergency response situation, our plants would yield a high volume of necessary protein in days whereas traditional methods for protein production require months to achieve the same level of production

public benefit company

MNPHARM was formed as a Public Benefit Company. A public benefit corporation is a corporation created specifically to benefit the public in some way. The focus is on both profit and mission alignment. 

Our Location

We are located at:

1793 Buerkle Circle

White Bear Lake, MN.  55110-5254


MNPHARM began with a small grow room and a small lab about the size of a storage closet in 2015. 

Over the years we have gradually grown our business and now have a 10,000 square foot lab and production facility in White Bear Lake Minnesota. 

Join MNPHARM’s growth and let us help you succeed with lower cost proteins for your business project. 

Contact us for a free consultation! 

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