Facility Expansion

MNPHARM Facilities Expansion

4Front Technology Campus, Oakdale, MN
1 Imation Way, Lab 220
4Front Technology Campus
Oakdale, MN. 55109 USA
As of February 1, 2017, MNPHARM moved to the 4Front Technology Campus located in Oakdale, MN.
The 4Front Technology Campus is a state-of-the-art full service office and lab facility catering to technology and biotech companies. This move insured that MNPHARM has all required lab facility needs and certifications. All operations including our lab, office and grow activity will take place in our new facility.
4Front Technology Campus state-of-the-art labs

The 4Front Technology Campus building was originally built in 1999 for Imation, a 3M spin off and no expense was spared.  Lab and office space, meeting rooms and additional facilities are available for our use. The lab facilities are already FDA and ISO 9001 approved, allowing MNPHARM to meet GLP, GMP requirements. Producing proteins in a fully certified lab facility eliminated the cost of having to upgrade our lab operations.

The 4Front Technology Campus includes building security with 24/7 on duty guards, shipping and receiving, hazardous waste disposal, purified lab water, filtered air, backup power generators, and secure storage. Our move to this facility has been a perfect fit for MNPHARM to insure our continue success.