MNPHARM SBC, 1 Imation Way, Oakdale, MN. 55128, USA

Molecular Farming

MNPHARM advances plant based medicine to addresses public health challenges. The MNPHARM process combines technology advances in controlled indoor agriculture, biochemistry and protein purification.

Rapid access to prescribed therapeutics saves lives. Using transgenic plants, MNPHARM expresses recombinant proteins in just 6 – 8 days rather than taking months using traditional methods. Our production method using transgenic plants is safer, faster and has a much lower cost for production.

MNPHARM grows transgenic plants in an indoor controlled environment using proprietary equipment. Our plant of choice is a rare strain of tobacco that is ideal for expressing proteins for a variety of therapeutics. We infiltrate the tobacco plant with a genetic code specific to each targeted protein. Once the plant is infiltrated, it transforms the plant into a “factory” to express/produce protein. Plants are then harvested, processed and purified to obtain the desired purified protein.

Jeff Reinert, President and Co-Founder of MNPHARM SBC.

Dave Roeser, CEO and Co-Founder of MNPHARM SBC